Wheeling Sportsmen

The Wheelin’ Sportsmen is a program to give disabled hunters the opportunity to hunt white-tail deer on Club property. 

In 2005 we approached the club to be allowed to host the first annual “Wheelin’ Sportsmen” event at Bellevue Conservation Club.  This was initially conceived through the National Wild Turkey Federation to promote hunting opportunities for those who are disabled.  In addition, many of these individuals have no ability nor access to be able to hunt.

Every year since, in mid-October on the dates set by the DNR, we host a weekend for disabled hunters to hunt wild-tailed deer on club property. The first few years were a learning curve for how to accommodate the hunters’ needs, and what we needed to provide.  We now have permanent blinds constructed and use ATV’s to transport the hunters to the blinds.

There is a devoted group of volunteers, many since 2005, that spend their weekend transporting, tracking, and hanging the deer that are harvested.  They also help with cooking meals, cleaning up, and keeping the campfire burning. The hunters come from all around Southern Michigan.  

We have developed lasting friendships with many of them and look forward to seeing them every year.