On the Ground: Volunteers Build “Rabbitat” at Bellevue Conservation Club

On Saturday, February 3, 2024, MUCC’s On the Ground Program hosted a brush pile-building event in partnership with the Bellevue Conservation Club.

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New: Indoor Archery with Thrilling Tournaments and League

Experience the Excitement of Indoor Archery and Thrilling Tournaments. Check out our Archery page for more informaiton.

Archery at Bellevue
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    Since 1928, we have been committed to protecting our country's natural resources—air, soils, minerals, forests, waters, and wildlife. As a non-profit organization, we bring together community members and surrounding areas to ensure the sustainable use and preservation of these invaluable assets.

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    The Bellevue Conservation Club offers its versatile facility for rent, providing an ideal venue for hosting a wide range of events and practices. With a focus on conservation and outdoor activities, the club's well-maintained grounds and amenities create a welcoming environment for individuals and groups looking to organize events or engage in practice sessions related to various recreational pursuits.

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  • Olivet College

    Bellevue Conservation Club hosts events and is a proud partner of Olivet College Shooting team.

    Olivet College offers a top-tier clay shooting program integrating competitive excellence, academic growth, leadership, and community, fostering well-rounded individuals.

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  • Fuddusters, a distinguished clay shooting sports team, blending gun saftey, competition, camaraderie, and character building, inspiring both skill development and youth empowerment. Teaching school aged youth gun safety and to participate in shooting sports.

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    We welcome you to contact us and learn how to become involved. Our faculty and board of directors are eager to have you involved.

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