Conservation Efforts

The BCC  conservation pledge "I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of my country – its air, soil, and minerals, its forests waters and wildlife.”

We work with MSU on forestry management.  MSU conducted a forestry survey of the timber on the clubs 140 or so acers.  The timber and Survey report indicated 89 trees identified as harvestable timber. BCC had a logger come in and harvest timber.  This speaks volumes to our dedication to conservation of our forest.  We plan to engage MSU again in the near future and conduct another Timber Survey and help us be the best stewards of our land and timber we can be.Timber Survey Report June 2008.

BCC wants to manage the wildlife as well and make sure there is wildlife for generations to come.  We plant a food plot in the back field and allow this to grow wild to serve as a food source to all wildlife.  A small portion of the field was planted in millet and the rest is native grasses. We brush hog the native grasses in the fall to ensure the resource is sustainable and serving its purpose of feeding wildlife.  You can see Whitetail deer, sandhill cranes, and occasionally geese using this field !!One of the ways we strive to conservation of wildlife is to work with the Department of Natural Resources and take advantage of the hunting season for the Disabled Veterans Deer hunt.  This is the only hunting allowed on the property and is offered in strict adherence to the DNR’s requirements.  It is a two-day season in the fall that we take applications from disabled Veterans who would like to hunt deer. We have wheelchair accessible blinds that can be heated if needed. These blinds are weather resistant and offer Disabled Veterans an opportunity to harvest a deer within the DNR rules and regulations.  This “Wheeling Sportsman Hunt” (BCC names it this) is a major event at the club that we are very proud of. It allows us to give back to the heroes who served in the Military to protect the very freedoms we enjoy.  The dual purpose here is the fact it also serves in conservation of the deer herd to ensure sustainable populations within the area are not gone unchecked and food sources over used leaving poor forest vegetation and degrading of the resource.  It creates a cohesive sustainable population of deer and is a major conservation effort we take seriously!

BCC remains vigilant on keeping it creeks and waters on club property clean and free of debris that could impede the natural flow of water and or drainage.  

One effort we are looking into is creating a pond using the natural drainage of water. We may then plant vegetation that provides oxygen and nutrients the environment needs.  We may then stock fish (if applicable by law) and create a family environment for all our members to enjoy viewing and perhaps at some point offer Kids fishing days to help steward the next generation into conservation of all of our natural resources.  We want to build a solid foundation of conservation minded members! 

BCC is also concerned with conservation of energy! 

We have installed all LED lighting to reduce our carbon footprint and use of electricity.  We continue to look at all aspects of going greener when we need to upgrade any equipment or appliance.

With all this awesome conservation efforts you may find yourself asking how can I help ?  The answer is easy !!  Join as a member (major source of funding) and volunteer for one of many projects we are working on to help fund our conservation efforts !